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  • Stretching Tips

    Stretching Tips

    Cheerleaders have to constantly be working out and improving their flexibility and building strength and balance. This cool tool will help you if you are struggling with heel stretches and perfecting your scorpion and herkie jumps. Watch how this cheerleader uses this simple tool  to stretch her hamstrings and inner thigh muscles. Was this helpful?

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  • Learn How to do a Scorpion

    Learn How to do a Scorpion

    The scorpion in cheerleading is performed by the flyer and requires alot of flexibility and balance. To perform a well executed scorpion it is important to be well warmed up from stretching exercises or you could get seriously injured. This video demonstrates different stretches you can do to gain greater flexibility. These stretching exercises can easily be practiced at home too. If this was helpful please comment below.

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  • Cheerleading Stunts

    Cheerleading Stunts

    Another great video of cheerleaders practicing stunting. How many guys can do this? If you think this is awesome please comment below. Cheers!

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  • Cheer Tumbling

    Cheer Tumbling

    Tumbling is one of the most important skills of a cheerleader. This team of cheerleaders show off their tumbling skills at practice and move so fast it is almost dizzying to watch.   Notice they are practicing with the coach and good mats, always important for safety.

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  • Cheerleading Tips and Techniques for Beginners

    Cheerleading Tips and Techniques for Beginners

    Beginners to cheerleading often learn a basic jump and toe touch. Follow along and perfect these skills.   If this was helpful to you please comment below.

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  • Best Cheerleader?

    Best Cheerleader?

    Kiara Nowlin has been tumbling and performing in cheer competitions since she was a small child. This amazing video shows her progression and incredible talent and she is considered by many to be the best. She absolutely loves cheer and power tumbling and her love for the sport shines through with her sparkling personality. If you agree like this video!  

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  • Excellent Co-Ed Cheerleading Stunts

    Excellent Co-Ed Cheerleading Stunts

    Watch this 2010 film clip of the Glendale cheerleading team practice their stunting skills. Do you have what it takes to throw a flyer 15 feet in the air or lift a girl with one hand? This team does a terrific job. Great stunts and pyramid too. Like it if you agree.  

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  • Cheerleading Hip Hop Dance Moves

    Cheerleading Hip Hop Dance Moves

    Watch this step-by-step instruction on how to add some cool Hip Hop moves to the dance section of your cheer routines. Cool moves to Gwen Stefani’s “Wind It Up’. If you enjoy watching please like!  

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  • Multiple Cheer Stunts

    Multiple Cheer Stunts

    Watch these different cheerleader stunt groups display skill and dexterity in over twenty different stunts. If you like this video click “like”.   If you agree like this video.

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  • College Cheer Team Rocks

    College Cheer Team Rocks

    Watch Texas Tech University cheer team compete in The National Collegiate Cheerleading Competition in Daytona Beach. This co-ed team has great routine execution with full twists at the end of passes and a beautiful scorpion to arabesque. Look for the fun mascot and please comment if you enjoy this video.  

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