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  • Stingray All Stars

    Stingray All Stars

    Watch their Small Senior Level 5 team crush it at the International All Star Championship. Great all round performance. If you agree their performance deserves a thumbs up click like! Need an excellent resource on cheerleading? Check out this book. Old Price: $18.95Price: $10.00

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  • Stretching Basics to Improve Performance

    Stretching Basics to Improve Performance

    It is important to stretch and improve your flexibility before you actually do any cheerleading moves. You utilize many different muscles in cheerleading so you need to run through different stretching movements first. Check out these basic stretches to get started. The stretching improves the elasticity of your muscles and ligaments so vital to your flexibility. And flexibility enhances performance. Do these today and don’t forget to warm up first.

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  • Advantage of Tumble Track

    Advantage of Tumble Track

    This clip shows how to do a standing back handspring, which alot of cheer  squads require for middle school and high school tryouts. The advantage of the tumble track is the softer surface to learn on. That sensation of falling is scary until you learn that is the moment to jump backward.  Know the feeling?

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  • Two Cute Guys on the Beach

    Two Cute Guys on the Beach

    Want to learn a back flip- standing back tuck and go to the beach? Watch these two guys tutorial on how to do a back flip as they enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. The sound pauses for 3 seconds but comes back. The sound of the waves crashing got me longing for the beach. Wonder if they are on a cheer team?

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  • Amazing Kick Full Basket

    Amazing Kick Full Basket

    This advanced cheerleading stunt requires a stunt group to be very comfortable with a basket toss before attempting this stunt under the guidance of a coach. The strong male bases here provided the flyer with so much height she managed to do 5 twists. I am not comfortable with where they performed this but it is amazing to watch. Agree?

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  • Tiny Cheerleader Inspires

    Tiny Cheerleader Inspires

    Brad Jordan, a dwarf and accomplished gymnast, has received a cheerleading scholarship to Kaskaskia College and motivates his team with his tumbling and amazing attitude towards life. He encourages others to pursue their goals no matter what the limitations are. If this inspires you share with your family and friends.

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  • Tumbling – Basic to Advanced

    Tumbling – Basic to Advanced

    Here is a quick review and demonstration of tumbling from basic to advanced. Starting with a round off and finishing with a front tuck-round off back handspring -layout twist and everything in between. Helpful for beginners and parents who don’t always know what the names of tumbling moves are.

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  • Back Handspring Tips

    Back Handspring Tips

    Back handsprings are fun to learn but to do them correctly you must first develop flexibility and practice your handstands to eliminate the possibility of injury. Once you master the back handspring you can use it as a basic building block for more advanced tumbling. The body positioning is really emphasized here. Any tips that were missed?

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  • Cheer Stunt Before Famous House

    Cheer Stunt Before Famous House

    Fun video of routines at competition and in the gym by Cheer Extreme. Their camaraderie, teamwork and skills shine as well as their great uniforms. Great team with advanced tumbling and stunt skills. If you enjoyed this video please feel free to like and share with your friends. Did you find the house?

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  • A Girls Gotta Cheer

    A Girls Gotta Cheer

    This video is the first in”The Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader”, a new web series produced on the cheer channel starring real cheerleaders who perform all the routines and stunts. Do you recognize the star power tumbler?

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