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  • Standing Back Tuck Instruction

    Standing Back Tuck Instruction

    This cheerleader demonstrates how to do a standing back tuck with step by step instruction. She already knows how to do one and is teaching outside on the grass but you want to be sure you are learning in a gym with a spring floor or tumbling mat. You also want a spotter with you. Click like if this video was helpful.

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  • Aly Raisman Wins The Gold 2012

    Aly Raisman Wins The Gold 2012

    Here is Aly Raisman’s final routine that won her the gold medal in Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Floor Routine. Way to go Aly. Can she tumble or what!

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  • Funny Cheerleading Bloopers

    Funny Cheerleading Bloopers

    These old clips of cheerleading bloopers will make you laugh.  We’ve come a long way since then. No one seriously hurt, thank goodness. If this makes you smile, click like.

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  • Dad Rocks it With Daughter

    Dad Rocks it With Daughter

    Totally cute video of a dad supporting his daughter’s love of cheer. And out on the street too for all to see. Click like if you love this dad!

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  • Aly Raisman 2012 Olympic Trials Amazing Floor Routine

    Aly Raisman 2012 Olympic Trials Amazing Floor Routine

    If you missed day 2 of the Olympic trials of Aly Raisman on the floor you can watch her here. Her routine blends artistry and athleticism into a winning combination. Her tumbling passes have the “wow” factor. And I love her choice of music, the Hebrew folk song, “Hava Nagila.” Please comment or like if you enjoyed this video.

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  • Team USA Rocks

    Team USA Rocks

    Team USA all girl stunt group did a terrific job in 2010 at the World Cheerleading Championship. This group of cheerleaders are very talented. This is a very clean and solid routine with only a slight bobble. Watch for the great tick tock. They took home the gold!

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  • It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, No, It’s a Helicopter!

    It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, No, It’s a Helicopter!

    Helicopter stunts are breathtaking and can involve more than one flyer and stunt group. This is a stunt only for higher level groups and is controversial due to safety concerns. With the flyer or fliers tossed into the air with their body parallel to the ground they complete a 360 degree rotation like the blades of a helicopter. Don’t believe this is legal for competitions. What do you think?

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  • Let’s Do a Liberty

    Let’s Do a Liberty

    The Liberty, named after the Statue of Liberty because of how it looks,  is an advanced stunt with the flyer using one leg. See how to execute this perfectly.   I like the expert tips on where the hands go and why.

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  • Wedding Surprise!

    Wedding Surprise!

    Watch the UCLA college cheerleading team make a surprise appearance at a wedding. The mascot showed up too. How fun is that! Please like and share with your friends if you think this is a cute idea for a wedding.

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  • Basic Stunts Demonstrated

    Basic Stunts Demonstrated

    Here are 5 levels of stunts demonstrated from a simple thigh stand to a scorpion hold cradle. A flawless cradle at all levels requires the stunt group to be in-synch. It can be scary if you are new to this! Watch everyone do their part.

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