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  • University Cheer Force 1st Senior Level 5 Team

    University Cheer Force 1st Senior Level 5 Team

    This is a video of University Cheer Force’s 1st Senior level restricted 5 team. By restricted it means they don’t compete at Worlds and in their tumbling don’t throw to a full. Usually they throw to a tuck or a layout. I think they have some great tumbling and they stick everything. Awesome job for a new level 5. What do you think? Please leave your opinion below.

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  • Cheer Jump Training With Kinetic Bands

    Cheer Jump Training With Kinetic Bands

    Here’s an excellent training video on the use of Kinetic Bands to help you improve all your jumps and gain greater strength, height and flexibility. The bands provide resistance and improve stunts and hip stability. You can practice using these at the gym or at home. Have you tried the kinetic bands yet to gain height on your jumps? You can check them out here if interested.

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  • Cheer World Championship in Hongkong

    Cheer World Championship in Hongkong

    This Japanese All Girl team performed at the Cheer World Championship in 2011. They have some fantastic stunts and a truly amazing pyramid. Pretty creative routine. Insane or what??

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  • Perfect Your Scorpion

    Perfect Your Scorpion

    Learning the proper stretch and flexibility technique will enhance your skills and help you perfect the Scorpion. This video demonstrates some good partner stretches and the importance of stretching both sides of the body. You also need to learn how to do this first on the ground before you attempt to do it in the air. Can you do a Scorpion?

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  • Cheer Music Mix by Leo

    Cheer Music Mix by Leo

    Looking for new music for your routine? A good music mix can make all the difference in how your routine is perceived. Check out this music mix by Leo and see what you think. Love it or hate it?

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  • Build Strong Cheerleading Jumps

    Build Strong Cheerleading Jumps

    To build strong jumps in cheerleading you have to do alot of exercising to develop strength and flexibility to improve your jumps and take them to the next level. You need good prep and athletic position. These exercise drills are well demonstrated, step by step, and if you are persistent and work on it you will improve. These exercises can be done at home or the gym. Please comment below if you have a favorite exercise that has helped you […]

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  • Stingray Allstars At Worlds 2012

    Stingray Allstars At Worlds 2012

    This is the Stingray Allstars Senior Small All Girl team’s day 2 performance at Worlds. There are some phenomenal stunts and awesome tumbling combined with great creativity. This team has been champions 5 times. They definitely wowed the audience. Agree?

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  • How to Do a Cheerleading Basket Toss

    How to Do a Cheerleading Basket Toss

    Nice step by step instruction on how to do a cheerleading basket toss. This video shows detailed hand and body positions from the toss to the cradle position and landing. Some of the details are shown in slow motion to get a better idea of how the basket toss is suppose to look. If this training video was helpful share with your cheerleading friends.

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  • Maddie Gardner Worlds 2012 Interview

    Maddie Gardner Worlds 2012 Interview

    Maddie Gardner of Cheer Extreme All Stars has headed to college this fall at the University of North Carolina. Catch this interview where she highlights what her cheerleading experience has been like and what lies ahead. Wishing you all the best Maddie and we will keep up with your success. Click like if you are a fan.

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  • Glendale College Cheerleading Stunts

    Glendale College Cheerleading Stunts

    This is a video of Glendale College Cheerleading trying out with a terrific demonstration of stunting skills. Watch skill clips of the large coed and small coed/all girl teams in the gym and outside. Even though SOMETHING is falling down during the video of the pyramid it doesn’t take away from their excellent tryout. But what is that????

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