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  • I Am A Champion

    I Am A Champion

    Great inspirational video put together by Mid American Nazarene University- MNU Cheerleading  2012. Need to get motivated and feel great before practice or performing be sure to watch this video! I could watch this a dozen times. Did this get you fired up to “bring it on”?

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  • Creative Top 10 Pyramids

    Creative Top 10 Pyramids

    Here is a selection of top 10 pyramids of different teams showcasing their skills and creativity. Starting with #10 and progressing to #1 with each getting more complex you decide which you think is the best. Not sure I agree with the ranking but there is something to love about each one. I thought the Charlotte All Stars had a cool move with the whole team laying down then popping up but the difficulty of other teams was higher. Which […]

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  • Kiara Nowlin Wows Her Gym

    Kiara Nowlin Wows Her Gym

    It’s fun to keep up with power tumbler Kiara Nowlin who has been tumbling since she was three.  Here she inspires her fellow cheerleaders as she performs FIFTEEN standing fulls in a row! Utterly amazing! I could never do this! How about you?

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  • Cheerleading Stunt Slide Show

    Cheerleading Stunt Slide Show

    If you love stunting watch this slide show of some amazing teams and stunt groups demonstrate their stunting skills. Some of these stunts I had never seen before. Any one who sees these skills knows cheerleading is a sport! If you agree please share your thoughts below.

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  • Cheerleading in Hawaii

    Cheerleading in Hawaii

    Looking for a college and an awesome cheer team? Meet the University of Hawaii cheerleading squad and see some great stunts from unusual angles with the backdrop of ocean, palm trees, and beautiful sunsets. Take a behind the scenes view of the cheer team as they do stunts on the beach. What a great place to cheer! Agree?

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  • Titans Cheerleaders Patriotic Medley for 9/11

    Titans Cheerleaders Patriotic Medley for 9/11

    In honor of those fallen on September 11.2001 the Titans Cheerleaders performed at half time a beautiful A Capella patriotic medley. This was performed in 2010 and the singing is fabulous and inspirational. Please share with your friends in remembrance of this day of tragedy and how blessed we are to live in a country that rises up to meant our challenges with courage and spirit.

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  • Get Your Facials On!

    Get Your Facials On!

    Too cute! These young male cheerleaders are trying to master the art of facials, which are especially very important during competition and effect your score. You have got to look confident, likeable and fun to inspire the crowds where ever you perform. Share with your friends if this made you smile.

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  • Worlds 2012 Top Gun All Stars Level 5 Gets Creative

    Worlds 2012 Top Gun All Stars Level 5 Gets Creative

    World’s champs Top Gun All Stars level 5 team uses an unusual prop in this routine. They didn’t make it to finals and there was some debate as to the reason why. What do you think of the prop they used? Like it?

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  • Georgia Bulldog’s Strongest Female Cheerleader

    Georgia Bulldog’s Strongest Female Cheerleader

    Anna Watson, a cheerleader for the elite Georgia Bulldog’s team, is a body builder who turned down a modeling contract because she wouldn’t take steroids. She can bench press 155 lbs and squat 255 lbs. She loves cheerleading and body building. Do you like body building?

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  • Top Gun All Stars Rock Worlds 2012

    Top Gun All Stars Rock Worlds 2012

    This senior large Top Gun co-ed team has an awesome routine from stunts, to tumbling and pyramids. The video doesn’t render the best but the closeups of the team give you a closer view of what is happening on the floor. Excellent team. You agree?

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