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  • Gangnam Style Parody – Gabby Douglas & Cheer Extreme

    Gangnam Style Parody – Gabby Douglas & Cheer Extreme

    2012 Olympic Champion gymnasts Gabrielle Douglas, Aby Raisman and Jordyn Wieber do a Gangnam Style parody at the Carolina Health Care System for cancer patients and join Cheer Extreme Charlotte and Kernersville for some fun gym time. What great role models! Gabby’s new book about her journey to Olympic gold is out just in time for Christmas. Should be a good holiday read.

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  • Jalyessa Walker Breaks Backflip World Record

    Jalyessa Walker Breaks Backflip World Record

    Former University of Texas at El Paso cheerleader Jalyessa Walker just broke the Guinness World Record for back handsprings by performing 49 in a row! She wanted to do 50 but ran out of space on the football field at an ElPaso vs Rice University football game. She now serves our country as an Army Lieutenant. Way to go Jalyessa!!

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  • Illinois State Cheerleading Champs 2011

    Illinois State Cheerleading Champs 2011

    This Lake Zurich High School cheerleading squad performs well at the 2011 lll State Cheerleading Champs competition. The video is a little dark but what I like is they cheer throughout most of the routine and do a great job. Click like if you agree! 🙂

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  • Pinkerton Academy Cheer

    Pinkerton Academy Cheer

    This cheerleading routine by Pinkerton Academy Cheer from Derry, NH is super clean with great tumbling passes and interesting choreography. I like the position back flips and the tumbling is not done on a spring floor – which makes it more impressive. Like and share if you agree.

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  • Cheerleading Stunts – Intermediate to Advanced

    Cheerleading Stunts – Intermediate to Advanced

    This training video by the Raiders Cheerleaders does a good job showing and explaining dismounts to twists and many other stunts. What I like best is each cheerleader explains her job and where to place her hands. They also cover some tips to perfect your liberty, arabesque and bow and arrow. If you have some additional tips after watching leave your comments below. Thanks!!

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  • SFA Partner Stunts Amaze

    SFA Partner Stunts Amaze

    This highlights video of Stephen F. Austin State University Large Coed partner stunts is a pleasure to watch. They have amazing skill and strength. The backhand whip up is awesome! Way to go SFA cheer!! Please comment below if you like this video.

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  • UWO Cheerleaders Wow

    UWO Cheerleaders Wow

    This collection of video clips highlights the skills of University of Western Ontario cheerleaders. Watch the awesome stunts, tumbling and helicopter toss to the music of ‘Fire Your guns’ by AC/DC.   They show off some amazing abs too! If you want to work on your abs this might help you out.

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  • Do You Wanna Marry Me??!!

    Do You Wanna Marry Me??!!

    Former Missouri S & T cheerleading alumni proposes to his former teammate during the 2012 Homecoming game. I don’t think he was ever a flyer!! Is that guy determined or what??!!

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  • How To Do a Tick Tock to Liberty

    How To Do a Tick Tock to Liberty

    Learning how to do your first tick tock can be challenging and this video covers the positioning, common mistakes made and what to do instead. Pay close attention to the positioning of the hands to get this done correctly. Any tips of your own that would be helpful? Comment below.

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  • FHS Cheerleaders Rock Homecoming

    FHS Cheerleaders Rock Homecoming

    High school cheer teams don’t always get the recognition for being very competitive but Foothill High School cheerleaders entertain their fans with a great homecoming performance on the field. Let’s give it up for FHS cheerleaders!!

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