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  • Pinkerton Academy Cheer

    Pinkerton Academy Cheer

    This cheerleading routine by Pinkerton Academy Cheer from Derry, NH is super clean with great tumbling passes and interesting choreography. I like the position back flips and the tumbling is not done on a spring floor – which makes it more impressive. Like and share if you agree.

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  • Cheerleading Stunts – Intermediate to Advanced

    Cheerleading Stunts – Intermediate to Advanced

    This training video by the Raiders Cheerleaders does a good job showing and explaining dismounts to twists and many other stunts. What I like best is each cheerleader explains her job and where to place her hands. They also cover some tips to perfect your liberty, arabesque and bow and arrow. If you have some additional tips after watching leave your comments below. Thanks!!

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