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  • Fierce Legend Katz Masters New Skills

    Fierce Legend Katz Masters New Skills

    Great video of Fierce Legend Katz showcasing their newest skills for 2012. You see the good, the bad, and the ugly of mastering new skills – tumbling that doesn’t stick and stunts that fail and also some amazing acrobatic skills and creative choreography. This is what it is really like! Love it!

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  • Quick Back Tuck Basket

    Quick Back Tuck Basket

    This stunt group executes a back tuck basket and do a pretty good job. The flyer looks tight and the cradle looks nice. Perhaps they could of popped her a little higher so the flyer could of had more time before the tuck. But overall looks very clean to me. Do you like it?

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  • How To Use the Stunt Stand

    How To Use the Stunt Stand

    This is a demonstration of using the stunt stand with the all girl attachment. Watch and learn how to use the stunt stand to perfect your skills as a flyer. If you or your gym doesn’t have one you might want to consider buying one. Looks like a great tool. Have you used one before?

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  • Stunt Training Equipment

    Stunt Training Equipment

    The cheer stunt stand is a unique tool to help you with your stunting. It comes with different inserts such as a spinning insert and one for partner stunt training. It’s also durable and easily portable. See how it works here.

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  • Practicing Liberties on a Stunt Stand

    Practicing Liberties on a Stunt Stand

    The cheerleading stunt stand is a great piece of equipment to help prepare you for stunts and give you the confidence to be a flyer. Watch these cheerleaders learn how to do a liberty using the stunt stand. Does your gym have one of these?

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  • Cheerleading Makeup Tutorial

    Cheerleading Makeup Tutorial

    Here’s a fun step by step cheerleading makeup tutorial showing you how to apply your make up for a competition. Actually watch her as she gets ready for her event and covers the importance of using the right products, particularly the glitter and glitter glue. Hope this video was helpful for you. 🙂 Here is an awesome E.L.F. brush with over 25 4 and 5 star reviews.

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  • Bangkok University Wows!

    Bangkok University Wows!

    This is the 2010 Bangkok University team performing at Seacon Square in Thailand. Their stunts and pyramids are amazing showing great athleticism. A few of the cheerleaders are a little “sassy” but overall great performance! Agree?

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  • Perfect Your Bow and Arrow

    Perfect Your Bow and Arrow

    Great video demonstrating how to do a bow and arrow.  You want to do the warm up stretches first before attempting this. Click like if this was helpful.

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  • Worlds 2012 Top 4 Large Coed Stunts

    Worlds 2012 Top 4 Large Coed Stunts

    These 4 guys show off their incredible flexibility and skills  demonstrating the top stunts on the following coed teams: Cheer Extreme, Top Gun, California All Stars and Cheer Athletics. They are really good!!!

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  • Cheerleader Sets New Back Flip World Record

    Cheerleader Sets New Back Flip World Record

    Miranda Ferguson, a 16 year old Texas Cheerleader,  set a new Guinness World Record by performing 35 back handsprings in a row.  She performed during a halftime at her schools football game with record officials there to confirm. Pretty amazing, agree?

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