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  • Cheer Athletic Panthers Music

    Cheer Athletic Panthers Music

    This is the cheer mix for Cheer Athletics Panthers Large Senior 5  2012-2013 and it rocks! Some of the music is by Basic Element- Touch You Right Now and Euphoria -Loreen. Really like this cheer mix. What do you think?

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  • Stealth All Stars Sickest Tumbling

    Stealth All Stars Sickest Tumbling

    Watch and be amazed as Stealth All Stars Cheerleading performs some of the coolest tumbling you have ever seen. An arabian, kick doubles, quad full and a punch over 15! Amazing energy or what?

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  • University of Kentucky 2012 National Champions

    University of Kentucky 2012 National Champions

    This is the performance of the University of Kentucky Cheerleading team in 2012. Watch some great stunts by this coed college team and see why they have so many fans. Love college cheer!

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  • Stretching Exercises for Cheer

    Stretching Exercises for Cheer

    Follow along with Gabi Butler as she shares her cheer stretching exercises that will increase your flexibility and enable you to perfect your scorpion, needle and bow and arrow and other cheerleading moves. She covers all kinds of stretches that she personally uses herself and includes some partner stretches too. Was this video helpful to you? Comment below. If you would like to try ankle weights like Gabi check these out.

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  • Cheer Anthem by Meesh

    Cheer Anthem by Meesh

      The cheer anthem by Meesh is “I Heart Cheer” and he created this for all cheerleaders to enjoy. He is a tumbling coach at Aerial All Stars and just loves cheer as you can tell watching this video. Here are the lyrics with the video following: *Lyrics* I Heart Cheer Written By André Wilson Intro: Hello Cheerleaders! How are you today!? My name is Meesh. I’m a fabulous cheer tumbling coach with Aerials All Stars in Vacaville, California. Jes! […]

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