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  • Slovenia ICU 2013 World Champs

    Slovenia ICU 2013 World Champs

    Slovenia All Girl group stunt became ICU World Champions with this performance. Need to wait a second for the team to appear but well worth watching. Amazing job!! Love how there are so many great teams and stunt groups all over the world!!

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  • Slovenia Cheerleading Stunt Group

    Slovenia Cheerleading Stunt Group

    If you haven’t seen the Slovenia cheerleading team watch this stunt group do a great job with a nice ball up tic toc heal stretch. Love to discover stunt groups I haven’t seen before.

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  • Cheerleading Motivation 2013

    Cheerleading Motivation 2013

    This inspirational cheerleading motivation video hits all the main points on what Cheerleading is all about. Created as motivation for College Nationals it applies to all cheerleaders and the struggles they face. Face your fears and struggles and set your heart on winning!!     Did this get you charged up???

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