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  • Great Stunt Mix

    Great Stunt Mix

    Catch some great stunts here in this video to the music “Sky’s the Limit”.  Always enjoy watching outdoor stunting!!  

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  • Slovenia ICU 2013 World Champs

    Slovenia ICU 2013 World Champs

    Slovenia All Girl group stunt became ICU World Champions with this performance. Need to wait a second for the team to appear but well worth watching. Amazing job!! Love how there are so many great teams and stunt groups all over the world!!

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  • Slovenia Cheerleading Stunt Group

    Slovenia Cheerleading Stunt Group

    If you haven’t seen the Slovenia cheerleading team watch this stunt group do a great job with a nice ball up tic toc heal stretch. Love to discover stunt groups I haven’t seen before.

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  • Cheerleading Motivation 2013

    Cheerleading Motivation 2013

    This inspirational cheerleading motivation video hits all the main points on what Cheerleading is all about. Created as motivation for College Nationals it applies to all cheerleaders and the struggles they face. Face your fears and struggles and set your heart on winning!!     Did this get you charged up???

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  • Cheer Extreme Senior Elite Wins Worlds 2013

    Cheer Extreme Senior Elite Wins Worlds 2013

    Cheer Extreme Senior Elite in the Large Senior All Girl Division won 1st place at Worlds 2013 with this amazing routine. It’s so tight and clean and fast I had to watch it multiple times. And the music is awesome too! Way to go Cheer Extreme! You all are one of the best!

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  • SMOED Episode 3

    SMOED Episode 3

    In this episode Eddie is worried about finding a replacement for  Clinton.  A cheer team is family and it takes time to build trust and faith. Bur a possible replacement arrives from Virginia and winning Worlds is his dream.

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  • SMOED Loses Clinton

    SMOED Loses Clinton

    This is episode 2 in SMOED California Allstars team.  Hooked on this series. How could Clinton lie??? Watch their performance at a showcase for family and friends and the problems that incur and their struggle to find a replacement with elite skills. How do you feel about what Clinton did?

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  • Meet the SMOED Allstars Squad

    Meet the SMOED Allstars Squad

    This is the California Allstars team SMOED. Coached by the tough and intense Eddie this is a small coed team that is difficult to get on. Kiara Nowlin, Gabi Butler and other great cheerleaders are part of this amazing team. Coach Eddie is direct and straight to the point. You won’t find any fluff here. Could you deal with Eddie as a coach?

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  • Motivation and Inspiration In 8 Minutes

    Motivation and Inspiration In 8 Minutes

    This group of video clips will give you some of the best motivation and inspiration you have ever seen and it only takes 8 minutes. Things get tough at times and we sometimes fail to believe in ourselves but this will inspire you to push through your challenges. You have a lot to give so reach for your best!

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  • F5 Maryland Twisters 2013 NCA

    F5 Maryland Twisters 2013 NCA

    Here is the Maryland Twisters F5 competing at the NCA Allstars Nationals 2013. They placed 3rd. Creative and energized they always deliver excitement. Love to keep up with them!

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