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  • Cheerleaders Can Kick and Stunt

    Cheerleaders Can Kick and Stunt

    In this fun, short video cheerleaders rise to the challenge to kick a football post – or what we call a soccer post in the US. Are cheerleaders multi talented or what??!! Love it !! What do you think?

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  • Gabby Douglas Wins the Gold

    Gabby Douglas Wins the Gold

    Gabby Douglas was amazing! Cheerleading and gymnastics have a lot in common. Both require flexibility, strength, balance, true dedication and extensive training. You also need confidence and incredible endurance. Watch highlight pictures of Gabby as she nails it and wins the gold for the USA. Her dazzling smile had me grinning ear to ear. If this slide show brings a smile to your face please like and share with your friends. Go Gabby!!

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  • Awesome Male Tumbling Passes

    Awesome Male Tumbling Passes

    WOW! These guys are amazing. Watch and see some incredible tumbling passes like the Double-Punch-Front, Kick-Double, Full-Punch-Double and others. Male cheerleaders rock! If you agree please like and share with your friends.

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  • Waiting for Tryout Results?

    Waiting for Tryout Results?

    Waiting for the results from a cheer tryout can be very stressful. Even though the results are usually posted by number instead of your name so the results are anonymous you are psyched up and freaking out at the same time. How do you prepare for a possible let down?

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  • Surprised Cheerleader

    Surprised Cheerleader

    This NFL cheerleader got a huge surprise at practice shortly after she made the team to cheer for the Washington Redskins. Share this if it brings a smile to your face and touches your heart.

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  • Basic Toe Touch Exercises

    Basic Toe Touch Exercises

    One of the first jumps cheerleaders learn is a toe touch. You jump up, throw your legs to the side in a straddle and your arms are in a T with your head up and your back straight. Watch these girls demonstrate some exercises to help learn how to do a toe touch. Remember, don’t reach for your toes, bring your legs up to your arms.

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  • Stretching Tips

    Stretching Tips

    Cheerleaders have to constantly be working out and improving their flexibility and building strength and balance. This cool tool will help you if you are struggling with heel stretches and perfecting your scorpion and herkie jumps. Watch how this cheerleader uses this simple tool  to stretch her hamstrings and inner thigh muscles. Was this helpful?

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  • Learn How to do a Scorpion

    Learn How to do a Scorpion

    The scorpion in cheerleading is performed by the flyer and requires alot of flexibility and balance. To perform a well executed scorpion it is important to be well warmed up from stretching exercises or you could get seriously injured. This video demonstrates different stretches you can do to gain greater flexibility. These stretching exercises can easily be practiced at home too. If this was helpful please comment below.

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  • Cheerleading Stunts

    Cheerleading Stunts

    Another great video of cheerleaders practicing stunting. How many guys can do this? If you think this is awesome please comment below. Cheers!

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  • Cheer Tumbling

    Cheer Tumbling

    Tumbling is one of the most important skills of a cheerleader. This team of cheerleaders show off their tumbling skills at practice and move so fast it is almost dizzying to watch.   Notice they are practicing with the coach and good mats, always important for safety.

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