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  • How To Use the Stunt Stand

    How To Use the Stunt Stand

    This is a demonstration of using the stunt stand with the all girl attachment. Watch and learn how to use the stunt stand to perfect your skills as a flyer. If you or your gym doesn’t have one you might want to consider buying one. Looks like a great tool. Have you used one before?

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  • Stunt Training Equipment

    Stunt Training Equipment

    The cheer stunt stand is a unique tool to help you with your stunting. It comes with different inserts such as a spinning insert and one for partner stunt training. It’s also durable and easily portable. See how it works here.

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  • Practicing Liberties on a Stunt Stand

    Practicing Liberties on a Stunt Stand

    The cheerleading stunt stand is a great piece of equipment to help prepare you for stunts and give you the confidence to be a flyer. Watch these cheerleaders learn how to do a liberty using the stunt stand. Does your gym have one of these?

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