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  • Got Stress?

    Got Stress?

    Feeling stress and need to do something to boost your spirits? These lyrics by Laurent Wolf have the cure. Turn your volume up and you will be in the mood for getting busy. Have a great cheer practice!! Do ya like this song? Think it could be used in a cheer mix?

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  • “Jingle Bell Rock” by Glee

    “Jingle Bell Rock” by Glee

    Catch the fun Christmas spirit with this full performance of “Jingle Bell Rock” from “Glee Actually”.  Watch Sam and the Cheerleaders rock out in the library. This music brings back memories from the movie “Home Alone”. Agree?

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  • Top Gun Allstars Music 2012 – 2013 Large Coed

    Top Gun Allstars Music 2012 – 2013 Large Coed

    Love to listen to the new music teams put together for the next season. This is Top Gun Allstars Large Coed cheer mix for 2012 – 2013. Do you like it?

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  • Cheerleaders Christmas Cheer Mix

    Cheerleaders Christmas Cheer Mix

    Love this Christmas cheer mix by the Saints Cheerleaders. It starts with the song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and continues with other great songs. This will get you in the Christmas spirit.

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  • Cheer Mix Music 2013

    Cheer Mix Music 2013

    Another great Cheer Mix created in August 2012. If you are looking for some new music or just some good ideas of songs to use check this out.

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  • Cheer Athletic Panthers Music

    Cheer Athletic Panthers Music

    This is the cheer mix for Cheer Athletics Panthers Large Senior 5  2012-2013 and it rocks! Some of the music is by Basic Element- Touch You Right Now and Euphoria -Loreen. Really like this cheer mix. What do you think?

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  • Cheer Anthem by Meesh

    Cheer Anthem by Meesh

      The cheer anthem by Meesh is “I Heart Cheer” and he created this for all cheerleaders to enjoy. He is a tumbling coach at Aerial All Stars and just loves cheer as you can tell watching this video. Here are the lyrics with the video following: *Lyrics* I Heart Cheer Written By André Wilson Intro: Hello Cheerleaders! How are you today!? My name is Meesh. I’m a fabulous cheer tumbling coach with Aerials All Stars in Vacaville, California. Jes! […]

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  • Central Jersey Allstars 2012 Music Mix Sm Sr 5

    Central Jersey Allstars 2012 Music Mix Sm Sr 5

    This is the music mix for Central Jersey Allstars Sm Sr Level 5 2012 team and the music was adapted for the Cheer! television show. Fierce!

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  • Cheer Mix 2012-2013 Hip Hop

    Cheer Mix 2012-2013 Hip Hop

    Here is a Hip Hop Cheer Mix for 2012-2013.  I love the way it starts out and it would probably work great for the dance portion of your routine. Bet you could create some cool choreography for this music. What do you think? Love it or hate it?

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  • Cheer Music Mix by Leo

    Cheer Music Mix by Leo

    Looking for new music for your routine? A good music mix can make all the difference in how your routine is perceived. Check out this music mix by Leo and see what you think. Love it or hate it?

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