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  • Perfect Your Scorpion

    Perfect Your Scorpion

    Learning the proper stretch and flexibility technique will enhance your skills and help you perfect the Scorpion. This video demonstrates some good partner stretches and the importance of stretching both sides of the body. You also need to learn how to do this first on the ground before you attempt to do it in the air. Can you do a Scorpion?

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  • Learn How to do a Scorpion

    Learn How to do a Scorpion

    The scorpion in cheerleading is performed by the flyer and requires alot of flexibility and balance. To perform a well executed scorpion it is important to be well warmed up from stretching exercises or you could get seriously injured. This video demonstrates different stretches you can do to gain greater flexibility. These stretching exercises can easily be practiced at home too. If this was helpful please comment below.

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