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  • Great Stunt Mix

    Great Stunt Mix

    Catch some great stunts here in this video to the music “Sky’s the Limit”.  Always enjoy watching outdoor stunting!!  

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  • Slovenia ICU 2013 World Champs

    Slovenia ICU 2013 World Champs

    Slovenia All Girl group stunt became ICU World Champions with this performance. Need to wait a second for the team to appear but well worth watching. Amazing job!! Love how there are so many great teams and stunt groups all over the world!!

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  • Slovenia Cheerleading Stunt Group

    Slovenia Cheerleading Stunt Group

    If you haven’t seen the Slovenia cheerleading team watch this stunt group do a great job with a nice ball up tic toc heal stretch. Love to discover stunt groups I haven’t seen before.

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  • College Cheerleading Partner Stunts Amaze

    College Cheerleading Partner Stunts Amaze

    This “last session” college cheerleading partner stunts performed by cheerleaders from the University of Hawaii, before they leave college, is one of the best I have ever seen! Filmed in slow motion with beautiful scenery as a backdrop you will be amazed at their incredible talent. They hit just about everything and you can see and feel the total trust and joy they have working together. At 1:39 watch for the “visor” full around. I had never seen that before. […]

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  • Cheer Stunt Ideas

    Cheer Stunt Ideas

    This is a series of stunts performed by different teams, some of which will be familiar and others might be new to you. Watch and learn and get new ideas. Helpful?

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  • Cheerleading Stunts – Intermediate to Advanced

    Cheerleading Stunts – Intermediate to Advanced

    This training video by the Raiders Cheerleaders does a good job showing and explaining dismounts to twists and many other stunts. What I like best is each cheerleader explains her job and where to place her hands. They also cover some tips to perfect your liberty, arabesque and bow and arrow. If you have some additional tips after watching leave your comments below. Thanks!!

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  • SFA Partner Stunts Amaze

    SFA Partner Stunts Amaze

    This highlights video of Stephen F. Austin State University Large Coed partner stunts is a pleasure to watch. They have amazing skill and strength. The backhand whip up is awesome! Way to go SFA cheer!! Please comment below if you like this video.

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  • How To Do a Tick Tock to Liberty

    How To Do a Tick Tock to Liberty

    Learning how to do your first tick tock can be challenging and this video covers the positioning, common mistakes made and what to do instead. Pay close attention to the positioning of the hands to get this done correctly. Any tips of your own that would be helpful? Comment below.

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  • Quick Back Tuck Basket

    Quick Back Tuck Basket

    This stunt group executes a back tuck basket and do a pretty good job. The flyer looks tight and the cradle looks nice. Perhaps they could of popped her a little higher so the flyer could of had more time before the tuck. But overall looks very clean to me. Do you like it?

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  • Coed Cheerleading Stunts

    Coed Cheerleading Stunts

    This video starts out with poor visuals but hang in there and you will see some great partner stunting. The flyer has great balance and is so tight and watch the guy in the red shirt. The way he switches the flyer from his right hand to his left hand multiple times is amazing. Do you think this is amazing? Please comment below.

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