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  • Glendale College Cheerleading Stunts

    Glendale College Cheerleading Stunts

    This is a video of Glendale College Cheerleading trying out with a terrific demonstration of stunting skills. Watch skill clips of the large coed and small coed/all girl teams in the gym and outside. Even though SOMETHING is falling down during the video of the pyramid it doesn’t take away from their excellent tryout. But what is that????

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  • Cheerleading Stunt Slide Show

    Cheerleading Stunt Slide Show

    If you love stunting watch this slide show of some amazing teams and stunt groups demonstrate their stunting skills. Some of these stunts I had never seen before. Any one who sees these skills knows cheerleading is a sport! If you agree please share your thoughts below.

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  • Amazing Kick Full Basket

    Amazing Kick Full Basket

    This advanced cheerleading stunt requires a stunt group to be very comfortable with a basket toss before attempting this stunt under the guidance of a coach. The strong male bases here provided the flyer with so much height she managed to do 5 twists. I am not comfortable with where they performed this but it is amazing to watch. Agree?

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  • Team USA Rocks

    Team USA Rocks

    Team USA all girl stunt group did a terrific job in 2010 at the World Cheerleading Championship. This group of cheerleaders are very talented. This is a very clean and solid routine with only a slight bobble. Watch for the great tick tock. They took home the gold!

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  • It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, No, It’s a Helicopter!

    It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, No, It’s a Helicopter!

    Helicopter stunts are breathtaking and can involve more than one flyer and stunt group. This is a stunt only for higher level groups and is controversial due to safety concerns. With the flyer or fliers tossed into the air with their body parallel to the ground they complete a 360 degree rotation like the blades of a helicopter. Don’t believe this is legal for competitions. What do you think?

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  • Let’s Do a Liberty

    Let’s Do a Liberty

    The Liberty, named after the Statue of Liberty because of how it looks,  is an advanced stunt with the flyer using one leg. See how to execute this perfectly.   I like the expert tips on where the hands go and why.

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  • Basic Stunts Demonstrated

    Basic Stunts Demonstrated

    Here are 5 levels of stunts demonstrated from a simple thigh stand to a scorpion hold cradle. A flawless cradle at all levels requires the stunt group to be in-synch. It can be scary if you are new to this! Watch everyone do their part.

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  • Cheerleading Stunts

    Cheerleading Stunts

    Another great video of cheerleaders practicing stunting. How many guys can do this? If you think this is awesome please comment below. Cheers!

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  • Multiple Cheer Stunts

    Multiple Cheer Stunts

    Watch these different cheerleader stunt groups display skill and dexterity in over twenty different stunts. If you like this video click “like”.   If you agree like this video.

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  • Cheerleading Stunt

    Cheerleading Stunt

    Cool cheerleading stunt! Watch and learn and share with your friends.  

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