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  • Jalyessa Walker Breaks Backflip World Record

    Jalyessa Walker Breaks Backflip World Record

    Former University of Texas at El Paso cheerleader Jalyessa Walker just broke the Guinness World Record for back handsprings by performing 49 in a row! She wanted to do 50 but ran out of space on the football field at an ElPaso vs Rice University football game. She now serves our country as an Army Lieutenant. Way to go Jalyessa!!

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  • Cheerleader Sets New Back Flip World Record

    Cheerleader Sets New Back Flip World Record

    Miranda Ferguson, a 16 year old Texas Cheerleader,  set a new Guinness World Record by performing 35 back handsprings in a row.  She performed during a halftime at her schools football game with record officials there to confirm. Pretty amazing, agree?

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  • Stealth All Stars Sickest Tumbling

    Stealth All Stars Sickest Tumbling

    Watch and be amazed as Stealth All Stars Cheerleading performs some of the coolest tumbling you have ever seen. An arabian, kick doubles, quad full and a punch over 15! Amazing energy or what?

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  • Kiara Nowlin Wows Her Gym

    Kiara Nowlin Wows Her Gym

    It’s fun to keep up with power tumbler Kiara Nowlin who has been tumbling since she was three.  Here she inspires her fellow cheerleaders as she performs FIFTEEN standing fulls in a row! Utterly amazing! I could never do this! How about you?

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  • Tumbling – Basic to Advanced

    Tumbling – Basic to Advanced

    Here is a quick review and demonstration of tumbling from basic to advanced. Starting with a round off and finishing with a front tuck-round off back handspring -layout twist and everything in between. Helpful for beginners and parents who don’t always know what the names of tumbling moves are.

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  • Cheer Stunt Before Famous House

    Cheer Stunt Before Famous House

    Fun video of routines at competition and in the gym by Cheer Extreme. Their camaraderie, teamwork and skills shine as well as their great uniforms. Great team with advanced tumbling and stunt skills. If you enjoyed this video please feel free to like and share with your friends. Did you find the house?

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  • Awesome Male Tumbling Passes

    Awesome Male Tumbling Passes

    WOW! These guys are amazing. Watch and see some incredible tumbling passes like the Double-Punch-Front, Kick-Double, Full-Punch-Double and others. Male cheerleaders rock! If you agree please like and share with your friends.

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  • Cheer Tumbling

    Cheer Tumbling

    Tumbling is one of the most important skills of a cheerleader. This team of cheerleaders show off their tumbling skills at practice and move so fast it is almost dizzying to watch.   Notice they are practicing with the coach and good mats, always important for safety.

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  • Best Cheerleader?

    Best Cheerleader?

    Kiara Nowlin has been tumbling and performing in cheer competitions since she was a small child. This amazing video shows her progression and incredible talent and she is considered by many to be the best. She absolutely loves cheer and power tumbling and her love for the sport shines through with her sparkling personality. If you agree like this video!  

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