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  • I Am A Champion

    I Am A Champion

    Great inspirational video put together by Mid American Nazarene University- MNU Cheerleading  2012. Need to get motivated and feel great before practice or performing be sure to watch this video! I could watch this a dozen times. Did this get you fired up to “bring it on”?

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  • Cheerleading in Hawaii

    Cheerleading in Hawaii

    Looking for a college and an awesome cheer team? Meet the University of Hawaii cheerleading squad and see some great stunts from unusual angles with the backdrop of ocean, palm trees, and beautiful sunsets. Take a behind the scenes view of the cheer team as they do stunts on the beach. What a great place to cheer! Agree?

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  • Georgia Bulldog’s Strongest Female Cheerleader

    Georgia Bulldog’s Strongest Female Cheerleader

    Anna Watson, a cheerleader for the elite Georgia Bulldog’s team, is a body builder who turned down a modeling contract because she wouldn’t take steroids. She can bench press 155 lbs and squat 255 lbs. She loves cheerleading and body building. Do you like body building?

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  • Excellent Co-Ed Cheerleading Stunts

    Excellent Co-Ed Cheerleading Stunts

    Watch this 2010 film clip of the Glendale cheerleading team practice their stunting skills. Do you have what it takes to throw a flyer 15 feet in the air or lift a girl with one hand? This team does a terrific job. Great stunts and pyramid too. Like it if you agree.  

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  • College Cheer Team Rocks

    College Cheer Team Rocks

    Watch Texas Tech University cheer team compete in The National Collegiate Cheerleading Competition in Daytona Beach. This co-ed team has great routine execution with full twists at the end of passes and a beautiful scorpion to arabesque. Look for the fun mascot and please comment if you enjoy this video.  

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