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  • Do the Cheer Wop

    Do the Cheer Wop

    Bonding is important for cheer squads to build team unity and can be accomplished different ways. Watch this team have fun creating a dance called the “cheer wop.” Does this look like fun to you?

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  • Cheerleading Hip Hop Dance Moves

    Cheerleading Hip Hop Dance Moves

    Watch this step-by-step instruction on how to add some cool Hip Hop moves to the dance section of your cheer routines. Cool moves to Gwen Stefani’s “Wind It Up’. If you enjoy watching please like!  

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  • Cheerleading Dance Instruction

    Cheerleading Dance Instruction

    Here is a short clip on learning some basic dance moves. The step-by-step instruction, the counts and how it all fits with music is demonstrated. Watch and learn.  

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  • Male Cheerleader Dance

    Male Cheerleader Dance

    Both men and women participate in and love cheerleading. Watch this male cheerleader take center stage and work it with his dance moves. Way to go! Watch his great facials.  

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  • Learn New Cheerleading Dance Moves

    Learn New Cheerleading Dance Moves

    Watch and learn as the cheer instructor leads three cheerleaders in the counts and moves to learn a new dance routine.  What a fabulous location to practice! If you are looking to learn something new for the dance portion of your routine this might give you some ideas. If you enjoy watching this video clip please share with your friends.

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  • Cheerleading from Japan

    Cheerleading from Japan

    Watch this young competitive Japanese cheerleading team perform a routine with more dance than stunts but demonstrates great flexibility and some awesome moves.    

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  • Cheer Dance Moves

    Cheer Dance Moves

    Dance is an important component of a cheer routine that you are scored on. This is a dance routine performed at cheer camp. Great choreography that goes well with the music mix.   Watch for the last dance move at the end. Awesome!

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  • Beginning Cheer Dance Routine

    Beginning Cheer Dance Routine

      Easy to follow this cheer dance instructor slowly demonstrates the counts and steps to learning a basic pom pom dance routine. If you need to learn a beginning cheer dance routine this video is for you. Enjoy and share with friends and your team.

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  • Hip Hop Dance Moves

    Hip Hop Dance Moves

    This controversial video was released to You Tube before the song ‘4 Minutes’ came out and created quite a stir. Pick up some great dance moves for your next routine and if you like it please share with your friends.  

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