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  • Cheer Jump Training With Kinetic Bands

    Cheer Jump Training With Kinetic Bands

    Here’s an excellent training video on the use of Kinetic Bands to help you improve all your jumps and gain greater strength, height and flexibility. The bands provide resistance and improve stunts and hip stability. You can practice using these at the gym or at home. Have you tried the kinetic bands yet to gain height on your jumps? You can check them out here if interested.

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  • How to Improve Your Jumps

    How to Improve Your Jumps

    Every cheerleader wants to improve her jumps and this video covers tools and techniques to accomplish this and develop more power throughout your body. If you agree this works like or comment below. Do you have another favorite workout method to improve your jumps? These weights are simple to use and increase your strength.

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  • Two Cute Guys on the Beach

    Two Cute Guys on the Beach

    Want to learn a back flip- standing back tuck and go to the beach? Watch these two guys tutorial on how to do a back flip as they enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. The sound pauses for 3 seconds but comes back. The sound of the waves crashing got me longing for the beach. Wonder if they are on a cheer team?

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  • Cheerleading Standing Back Handspring

    Cheerleading Standing Back Handspring

    A  Standing Back Handspring is a basic skill for advanced cheerleading. Watch and learn the technique with tips on how to perfect your performance.    

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  • Cheerleading Toe Touch

    Cheerleading Toe Touch

    Learning to execute a good cheerleading toe touch takes practice. To develop good jumps it is important to stretch daily and work on your flexibility. This video gives you step by step instruction and some basic exercises to help you excel at toe touches. Watch and master this technique!  

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  • Learn a Toe Touch

    Learn a Toe Touch

    Learn how to do a Toe Touch advanced cheerleading jump. This jump is broken off from an Eagle Spread and is shown to you step by step from start to finish. You can also do this jump consecutively with more than one toe touch. She teaches you exactly what to do to perform this jump.                    

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