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  • Master Your Cheer Bow & Arrow!

    Master Your Cheer Bow & Arrow!

    Cute video made by a cheerleader who got her bow and arrow down. She covers stretches, splits and other tips on how to master it and a couple of different ways teams do it. Was this video helpful? Do you have some additional tips to add?

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  • Cheerleading Stunts – Intermediate to Advanced

    Cheerleading Stunts – Intermediate to Advanced

    This training video by the Raiders Cheerleaders does a good job showing and explaining dismounts to twists and many other stunts. What I like best is each cheerleader explains her job and where to place her hands. They also cover some tips to perfect your liberty, arabesque and bow and arrow. If you have some additional tips after watching leave your comments below. Thanks!!

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  • Perfect Your Bow and Arrow

    Perfect Your Bow and Arrow

    Great video demonstrating how to do a bow and arrow.  You want to do the warm up stretches first before attempting this. Click like if this was helpful.

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  • Stretching Exercises for Cheer

    Stretching Exercises for Cheer

    Follow along with Gabi Butler as she shares her cheer stretching exercises that will increase your flexibility and enable you to perfect your scorpion, needle and bow and arrow and other cheerleading moves. She covers all kinds of stretches that she personally uses herself and includes some partner stretches too. Was this video helpful to you? Comment below. If you would like to try ankle weights like Gabi check these out.

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  • Cheerleading Exercises for Strength

    Cheerleading Exercises for Strength

    Cheerleading strength exercises are so important to improve your jumps and kicks and build flexibility. This video covers several variations of crunches and other exercises to improve and strengthen all your abs and core muscles. It is step-by- step and easy to follow instructions. Easy to do at home too. If you have any other exercise favorites please comment below.

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  • How to Do a Cheerleading Basket Toss

    How to Do a Cheerleading Basket Toss

    Nice step by step instruction on how to do a cheerleading basket toss. This video shows detailed hand and body positions from the toss to the cradle position and landing. Some of the details are shown in slow motion to get a better idea of how the basket toss is suppose to look. If this training video was helpful share with your cheerleading friends.

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  • Stretching Basics to Improve Performance

    Stretching Basics to Improve Performance

    It is important to stretch and improve your flexibility before you actually do any cheerleading moves. You utilize many different muscles in cheerleading so you need to run through different stretching movements first. Check out these basic stretches to get started. The stretching improves the elasticity of your muscles and ligaments so vital to your flexibility. And flexibility enhances performance. Do these today and don’t forget to warm up first.

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  • Advantage of Tumble Track

    Advantage of Tumble Track

    This clip shows how to do a standing back handspring, which alot of cheer  squads require for middle school and high school tryouts. The advantage of the tumble track is the softer surface to learn on. That sensation of falling is scary until you learn that is the moment to jump backward.  Know the feeling?

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  • Back Handspring Tips

    Back Handspring Tips

    Back handsprings are fun to learn but to do them correctly you must first develop flexibility and practice your handstands to eliminate the possibility of injury. Once you master the back handspring you can use it as a basic building block for more advanced tumbling. The body positioning is really emphasized here. Any tips that were missed?

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  • Standing Back Tuck Instruction

    Standing Back Tuck Instruction

    This cheerleader demonstrates how to do a standing back tuck with step by step instruction. She already knows how to do one and is teaching outside on the grass but you want to be sure you are learning in a gym with a spring floor or tumbling mat. You also want a spotter with you. Click like if this video was helpful.

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