Cheer Anthem by Meesh


The cheer anthem by Meesh is “I Heart Cheer” and he created this for all cheerleaders

to enjoy. He is a tumbling coach at Aerial All Stars and just loves cheer as you can tell

watching this video. Here are the lyrics with the video following:
I Heart Cheer
Written By André Wilson


Hello Cheerleaders! How are you today!?
My name is Meesh. I’m a fabulous cheer tumbling coach with
Aerials All Stars in Vacaville, California. Jes!
So Meesh hearts cheer so much that I wondered why everyone else not heart cheer as much.
So Meesh wrote you this little song to give you a little glimpse of this fabulous SPORT we call Cheerleading.
Okay? Okay…

Vs 1:

(So) If you want to tumble and tumble fast
Push through you legs, stretch through you shoulders, squeeze your abs
By far, Cheerleaders are the best and you know it
And we’re not afraid to show it
On our face call it facials
Jes. We work the crowd
Basket tosses so high
Will they ever come down?
Smilies, Kissies, Winks, honey
Never a frown
Big bows and bright make up
But please dear, no clowns

Vs 2:

In the gym all day
Abs of steel
You see these muscles, biceps, triceps
Sexy still
Jes I am, I’m Fabulous
I sparkle with glitter
While my team’s getting better
Your’s is getting bitter
Our stunt groups our beast
And jump combos, ridiculous
Our motion’s sharp, like teeth on sharks
Fierce athletes, Eat out your Hearts
Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance
Jes we love to Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance


Real cheerleaders do not bail
Practice til you cannot fail
Then leave it all out on the mat
And the best will prevail (x2)


I’ll show you how to shimmey
Or maybe angry hips
I will show you how to spirit
Snap Snap and hair flip
I’ll show you how to shimmey
Or maybe angry hips
I will show you how to spirit
Twirl and Snap, That’s it


Oh my goodness!! Was that a kick double full basket?
It’s so beautiful! Gasp!
Kick double full baskets across the sky!
It’s so amazing!
Is this Real Life?
Is this going to last forever?
I hope so
I heart cheer so much…
…5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8

Vs 3:

If the the judges on the panel won’t look at me
I’ll make them notice
Rock the stage with some glamorous new boldness
And I’ll show you some freaking SASS
Turn the lights on, Music on Blast
She’s got a bump in her hair with the attitude to match
Do you think you can handle that?
So PLEASE, give me your best shot
I’m calling you out, on the spot
Our choreography’s dazzling hot
Sorry Dear, yours is not!
And Meesh don’t mean to be mean
But can I ask you something?
My team we just nailed our routine
What is that yours is doing?

No what is that? I don’t get it.
What are they doing up their?
But stop. Bad Meesh! Bad Meesh!
No Meesh really does love all cheerleaders
And I hope you enjoyed my song
Please stay tuned for more

Is this your life story?


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